macOS Ventura 13.1+ is recommended

Automate Your Productivity with AI

Boost your productivity x10, simply create AI agents, assign them shortcodes, and watch as your macOS workflow transforms. See how Vidix can work for you. Yes! in any app

Modes of Use: Basic and Advanced

Vidix offers two modes of operation

Adapting to the needs of each user: Basic Mode for direct and simplified access, and Advanced Mode for customizing the use of external providers and specific AI models.

Model and Prompt Creation
Vidix facilitates the creation of models with efficiency, followed by the customization of AI agents to achieve the best results.

Vidix Special Features

Automate your workflow with customizable AI agents and real-time results

Use the assigned shortcodes to activate the generated AI agents in any application on your computer. Simply enter the predefined key combination and watch how Vidix transforms and optimizes your content in real time, either maintaining or replacing text according to your needs.

More Vidix Special Features

Enhance your productivity with these additions

There are four main options for handling processed text Keep Text, preserving the original with a line break before new content; Replace Text, replacing the original entirely, useful for updates; Copy to Clipboard, for immediate use; and Show in Modal, opening a modal with the new content, ideal when direct writing isn’t feasible.

Vidix Special Features

Facilitating flexibility and adaptability

This feature allows launching AI agents on the fly without the need to have them pre-registered, just press cmd + shift + k, expanding the possibilities of using Vidix by allowing the exploration and generation of ad hoc content.

These special features of Vidix highlight its flexibility and adaptability to different workflows and content needs, offering intuitive and efficient solutions for macOS users in a wide range of professional and creative contexts.


Vidix Plans for macOS

Vidix is a revolutionary assistant for macOS users that transforms the way we automate tasks and access information. With an intuitive interface and the ability to seamlessly integrate with everyday applications, Vidix stands as an indispensable ally for professionals and creatives.

Payment frequency

Start your free trial now! Get 50,000 tokens


Unlock the full potential of your team with multiple licenses and generous token allocations.

Buy plan
  • 3 macOS device licenses
  • 3 million tokens month
  • Free software updates
  • All features unblocked


Kickstart your journey with our affordable plan tailored for emerging talents.

Buy plan
  • 1 macOS device license
  • 1 million tokens month
  • Free software updates
  • All features unblocked


Scale your operations effortlessly with a comprehensive plan designed for large organizations.

Buy plan
  • 10 macOS device licenses
  • 10 million tokens month
  • Free software updates
  • All features unblocked

Owner Plan

For people who want to use their own API keys and customize their experience.

$99.99 /year

Buy plan
  • 1 macOS device license
  • Uses owner's API key
  • 1 year of software updates
  • All features unblocked